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Once Upon a Time in Xanatopia...

Once Upon a Time in Xanatopia is a modern fantasy webcomic series that follows PALADIN 55187, Nora Victorious, who finds herself tethered to the machinations and fates of the gods. Will she kill god? Will she bring about the extinction of all living things? Or will she just get a cup of coffee and play some skee-ball? Find out as new issues are uploaded bi-weekly!


Inspired by classic samurai movies and role-playing games, Once Upon a Time in Xanatopia blends themes and characters usually found in fantasy tales and RPGS and places them in a modern setting, creating a modern fantasy webcomic full of magic, monsters, and machinations.


An epic tale with intense action sequences, beautiful artwork, and jaw-dropping twists and turns, Once Upon a Time in Xanatopia will have you counting down the days until the next issue.


"World-building is also spot on and the fusion between sci-fi and fantasy feels somewhat grounded within the liberal use of a real-world setting. We get an eclectic mixture of cybernetics, magic, monsters, and artificial storms, combined with simple things such as cell phones, rural housing, and taxis. It's certainly a strange mixture, but within this setting, it works incredibly well."


"The art is killer, and I really enjoy how the little amount of dialogue adds to the art in the issue. I will say also that the ending of this issue had my jaw dropped and subverted my expectation of what happened. I will not spoil the ending, you will just have to read it for yourself and honestly, I cannot wait to see where the rest of the series will bring."


"Speaking of art, while Horn continues to add heaps of depth to his central character, it's Swanson who has the job of bringing it all to life. While the previous issues have each featured some superb imagery, this issue has the best of the bunch. In matching the tone, Swanson utilises a palette of muted colours that's ever so slightly touched by flashes of light. The only colour we see is the bright white flashes of lightning or the brooding red of Nora's weapons and cybernetics."
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